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17th January, 2021

Find out about Marty Rathbun. MARTY RATHBUN: A former external affairs officer, removed from authority within the Church eight years ago for gross malfeasance which included suborning perjury and obstruction of justice. All present—save for Rathbun—are entirely nonplussed that anyone, even Rinder, would so bluntly and blatantly lie about the Church “preventing” him from seeing his son. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! scientology’s demise – are far more powerful than anti clubs But he and Miscavige had an apparent falling out, and he left the church. This communication was in writing and sheds light on all of the conspiracy theories alluded to by the entire tin foil hat krew (Remini, Rinder, Ortega, and Jeffrey). Marty Rathbun est un acteur Créez un compte ou connectez-vous pour noter et commenter Partager Copier le lien Sur Facebook Sur Twitter. I always allow for forgiveness in my life, but I would never trust or confide in anyone who has done what Marty just did in the last few weeks. Marty made the kitchen his domain and became chef supreme in our home, on loan to friends, even at the court. He said he’d been more than compensated already by all the services I had provided him and his clients (gratis) which had netted him a small fortune. The woman’s immediate response to the police was that she was disappointed she failed to take out any Scientologists with her car. On several occasions in order to squelch fledgling ideas that maybe he had rushed to judgment on claiming Monique had settled, Ortega resorted to claiming he had inside Jeffrey legal team info that proved we were guilty as charged (he used that ‘I have inside data I can’t ‘yet’ disclose’ ploy as recently as this month). The Krew were told that we were always open to listening, but were amenable only to hearing what they had to say. Mark "Marty" C. Rathbun:マーク「マーティ」ラズバン:逮捕されるグル(Guru) ローレンス・ライトとアレックス・ギブニーが制作したサイエントロジー映画「Going Clear」の主要な情報源の1つとしてマーティ・ラズバン(Marty Seymour: He’s a pretty intimidating guy, isn’t he? Ortega promoted how devastating a settlement would be to the ex-Scientologist community as it would result in the erasure of all the alleged important legal precedents Monique had attained along the way and what a criminal betrayal it would be to leave Rock Star Ray unrewarded for his hard-won achievement. Date 14 April 2010 Source Mark Rathbun… Finally, in keeping with the trademark of a sociopath, when all else fails gaslight them. And like, had brought more of the, ‘this is what you are going to do’ approach. To all those erstwhile ‘friends’ who piled on or sat silent and gawked while Ortega, Rinder, De La Carriere, Ray Jeffrey and Leah Remini attempted to cyber-lynch my wife – you’ve been had. Without Jeffrey, there is nothing to campaign and nothing to campaign with. Instead, he only ever asserted that he wanted to hold them in reserve when the time came to extort some money from the church. [34] The suit was withdrawn in May 2016, Monique saying, "My husband and I have effectively achieved the primary purpose that the lawsuit was originally intended to serve by our own independent efforts". I wouldn't dream of offending Marty by making some crass comment about how his mother died young and in tragic circumstances. Here it is in full: On 3/22/2015 at 1:30 AM, wrote: Mike, They have simply removed themselves from the pernicious Anti-Scientology Cult. A pattern is evolving here. And, contrary to Jeffrey’s Underground Bunker statements in 2016 and this summer to Remini/Rinder regarding his great love and care for Monique Rathbun, the firing occurred the very day the Krew threatened to quit the next day – in the midst of an imminent Supreme Court filing deadline – if Monique refused to denounce my efforts to get them to cease treating her like a second-class citizen. ACIM posits the ego (self-created self-identity) as the source of pain and suffering. But, having no original thoughts or experiences of their own, they remain intent on taking other people’s money by suppressing other people’s lives. (Keep your eye on the ball on this one. Ortega is such a pathological liar that he told his podcast interviewers that he never accused Monique  and me of settling her lawsuit behind her attorneys’ backs, and even counselled ‘everybody’ (who thought we had) to reconsider their biases. Read about Marty Rathbun’s rough childhood and family history of mental illness, alcoholism and tragedy. Marty the black hole is sucking you back in, please pull yourself out. Whether it can be restored is their decision alone. The last time we even saw them together was three years prior to the appellate court decision and Jeffrey’s firing. And as it continues to regress (and if you were to Mark “Marty Rathbun PO Box 269 I also consider that it strengthens and fortifies To add felony to misdemeanor, Jeffrey claimed as basis for refusal to use the Rinder documents that he was working to protect Mike Rinder’s interests. He can be pretty forceful. fundamentally disagree on how it is best dealt with. Rathbun’s father Slade Rathbun told the family friend that the last time Marty visited him for any length of time was for a couple of weeks in December 1980, but Rathbun spent most of his time out of the house at bars and took a Many studies have linked his core messages to then-existing Vedantic philosophies. She explained to me that she had somehow picked up the vibe from someone in Tom’s entourage (perhaps “secret source X?’) that she was anti-Scientology. Despite the wall of Underground Bunker dissonance conveying something otherwise, Jeffrey and krew litigated two years to defend something they were pre-warned over and over again would result in exactly that future for them. [35] In October 2014, Rathbun filmed an encounter which he claimed showed three members of the church's top management abusing him at Los Angeles International Airport. In 2016 when Ortega reported that Rinder was as surprised as anyone else by the firing, Rinder was lying through his teeth. “Disconnect is alive and well.”, Primary covert operations are run by a “narcissist and sociopath.”. Marty Rathbun writes, “Though clearly Remini inspired her terrorism, Leah scoffed at the notion that mere words have consequences (when it comes to herself).” Was her attack prompted by watching The Aftermath or was watching the show just part of her already existing hatred for the cult? up with my blog you’d know that I consider that regressive and ", "Tom Cruise 'ridiculed at Scientology parties, "Tom Cruise's confessionals 'mocked by Scientologists, "Heidi Klum et Seal sont toujours aussi gnangnan... Les candidates de Miss USA en tenue légère...", "Tom Cruise betrayed by Scientology leader", "Tom Cruise, burlado por la Cienciología", "Orlando Sentinel wins 17 awards from Florida Society of News Editors", "Winners of 76th Annual National Headliner Awards", "Print Division - Daily Newspapers and News Syndicates - Writing & Reporting", "Scientology Attorney Demands Jezebel Remove Our Story on Shelly Miscavige's Alleged Disappearance", "CBC The Passionate Eye - Scientologists at War", "Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' Claims the Church Split Up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman", "Subject of Scientology film: Louis Theroux used 'morally bankrupt tactics, "Judge to Scientology: Leader must testify in Texas case", "Another Scientology Lawsuit Meets a Strange, Abrupt End in Texas", "Top Scientology Leaders Caught In Videotaped Verbal Assault At LAX", "$12.5 Million Deal With I.R.S. When his threats did not work on me, and I insisted on a full accounting for all alleged communications between Jeffrey and Scientology, Jeffrey and krew attempted to drive a wedge between Monique and me. Mitchell notes that while much of what Jesus imparted was touched on before him, nothing before or after Jesus emphasized or drove home more effectively the related teachings of unconditional love and forgiveness. Ironically, but not surprisingly, when you look under the hood with this krew – it was the very people tampering with witnesses and obstructing documentary evidence (Jeffrey and Rinder) who originated and pushed a faulty strategy for the case in the first place. in common: defense from a common source of attack. It can be done when love dissolves fear. To me, it was sort of like when Malcolm X said he Aided and abetted by the latter two Ortega falsely accused Monique (and then later me) of settling her lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, the highest-ranking executives to leave the church, are speaking out for the first time. It is a simple process. Which is why it has always been Jeffrey’s intractable position – until it served him to smear his client to reverse course – that the issue of Miscavige’s deposition was dead. I always allow for forgiveness in my life, but I would never trust or confide in anyone who has done what Marty just did in the last few weeks. [11][13][14], Lynn Hayes of Beliefnet discussed the revelations by Rathbun, writing, "Religion in any form provides a solid structure that can offer comfort and security, and departure from that security can be frightening and painful. **  Jeffrey’s podcast preening about his alleged epic precedent setting victory on the Anti-SLAPP matter is second-rate Quixotism for two reasons. She could have easily paid for it; but didn’t have to because I too, unlike Rinder, was gainfully employed. Punishes members for showing the slightest sign of decency or honesty concerning perceived enemies. "[9] Rathbun, in a separate letter to the New York Times, explained that the first meeting he and Miscavige had with Goldberg and other I.R.S. Marty has no credibility according to Google Tag Manager Jan 03, 7:46 AM EST That is notwithstanding Jeffrey’s guarantee he would litigate the case for the fifteen years I assured him it would require. Third, there was no agenda. More recently, two of Remini’s official Facebook page moderators responded to Remini’s call to arms by running a campaign to destroy my wife’s small bakery. After unethically inventing and broadcasting the big lie, he sanctimoniously claims he can’t give the corroborating evidence for his conspiracy theory because he must protect his client’s privileged communications, clearly communicating that the evidence exists, thus revealing the substance of the alleged communications themselves. Another flaw in ACIM is its confusion about spirit; perhaps stemming from Schucman’s secular psychology training. [9], As a Scientology spokesman, Rathbun commented to the same newspaper on the involvement of celebrities in Scientology, saying that "Scientology works for these people, and they just want to give to others what works for them. In a blog post dated 27 July 2020, Marty Rathbun re-emerged to corroborate some of the experiences of Corey Andrews, Steven Mango and myself in dealing with the hyper-controlling cult-like tribalism of Celebrity Anti-Scientology. But hey, that doesn’t fit the narrative, so they’ll just make it up as they go. (I’m not saying Marty is anything like a terrorist – just his astonishing 180 degree turn on previously held beliefs). And no one, them or otherwise, has succeeded to date. [36], Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, "Ex-members spar with Scientology over beating allegations", "First Independent Scientologist Wedding", "Mark Rathbun Inspector General Religious Technology Center", "Protecting the Advanced Technology: Inspector General Network", "Scientology Whistleblower Tells All, Admits to Secretly Recording Tom Cruise", "Scientology's Puzzling Journey From Tax Rebel to Tax Exempt", "Scientology Denies an Account Of an Impromptu I.R.S. So, when Ray Jeffrey and krew told Ortega, Remini, Rinder and certain media that they were dumbstruck by the unpredictable blindsiding they were allegedly subjected to, he was flat out lying through his teeth. of hate. Comments Off on Paul Haggis Demoted to Projectionist, Tagged Leah Remini, mike rinder, Paul Haggis. Of course, that did become the springboard predicted and it lead to two and one half years of litigation on one, single motion. He now makes a living by recounting (often inaccurately even though it is before him in writing) what I allegedly did in Scientology – never about his own conveniently forgotten experiences. The events outlined in Mr. Mango’s videos are corroborated in spades by the person who earlier contacted me. Ray Jeffrey recently supported Ortega on that score on the Remini/Rinder podcast, with misleading and inaccurate representations.**. My personal view is that the exercises are quite effective up to somewhere around between day 70 and 80. Mark «Marty» Rathbun, autrefois un cadre de l'organisation, est parti en croisade contre elle. See Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology for background. I find that the more That Haggis has resorted to weaving such incredible stories with his ASC chums in defense of his rape rap is not a promising indicator for his case. His response? Paradoxically, it is also more Christ-like than are most organized forms of Christianity. Learn how the mother of Marty Rathbun suffered mental breakdowns and ultimately committed suicide and how Bruce Rathbun, Marty’s brother, was found dead in Garden Grove, California. Marty Rathbun, a former Church of Scientology executive, filmed a confrontation with current members outside a Hollywood studio on Dec. 13. [27], A one-hour feature on Mark Rathbun titled Scientologists at War, directed by Joseph Martin and produced by Danielle Clark and Michael Simkin was broadcast on June 17, 2013, on British Channel Four. Just as Tony Ortega routinely tells his audience that he knows the conspiracy is true, because he has inside Jeffrey information (namely, privileged information unlawfully leaked by Jeffrey). the scientology game and transcending the scientology installed ‘us Thus, she whom Jeffrey and Ortega tried to pass off as stabbing the former Scientologist community in the back, wrenched the knife out of the hand of he who did seek to do so, thus preserving the entire record (including all court rulings and opinions) in Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology International, et al.***. So will many of those whom you encounter. Second, my family has directly experienced the fruits of Augustine’s ‘private investigator coordination’ activities (long before the boy was licensed as detailed in Alanzo’s blog). Lifted Cloud Over Scientologists", "Church member's death now called accident", "Hardball: When Scientology goes to court, it likes to play rough -- very rough", "IRS examined Scientology dollars, not dogma", "IRS: Scientology is tax-exempt religion", "Millionaire's bizarre feud with Scientology escalates", "Scientologists Granted Tax Exemption by the U.S.", "Scientology church faces new claims of harassment", "Scientology foe sets up office close to church", "State drops charges against Scientology", Church of Scientology editing on Wikipedia, Church of Scientology of California v. Armstrong, Church of Scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz. Marty Rathbun’s name is now associated with betrayal. Make no mistake, it is not my inconsistency – but instead my consistency – that motivates them to smear, lie about and cheat me and Monique Rathbun. Marty Rathbun has hitched his already questionable wagon of misinformation to a group of Scientology Fair Game supporters in order to further his and OSA's mission. 0 Suivent. In any event, I spent a good hour telling Paul the Lisa McPherson story from my perspective – beginning with my first involvement with it, investigating it after the fact. They assist with recognizing and separating out from ego. [22] This reporting series by the St. Petersburg Times titled "Inside Scientology: The Truth Rundown" was recognized with honors including the 2010 Gold Medal for Public Service award from the Florida Society of News Editors,[23][24] and was a finalist for the 2010 National Headliner Awards in the category of investigative reporting. Jeffrey’s professed wish to become “an Underground Bunker Rock Star” caused him to notice the deposition and litigate the issue for the adoration of the mob over the legitimate purpose of obtaining relevant evidence for his client. Rathbun had himself been the individual responsible for performing auditing counseling with Cruise. Before I get to the meat and potatoes of the happenings of 2015/16, I’ll spend this first post addressing the freshest lies of Rinder, Remini and Jeffrey in their podcast and Rinder’s recent post on the subject. In fact, Rinder was cooking up extortion schemes to get rich at the expense of Scientology before the ink was even dry on the original 2009 St Pete Times series. for some time now we have gone in directions diametrically opposed. If it had, it would have learned that: If cultbot were in the know – his condescending tone toward me indicated he was omniscient – he would have also known that Tony Backpage Ortega had recently blabbed about me on another podcast. All in all, read while doing the practicals, ACIM is a map that affords experiences of the territory (higher mind, universal consciousness, Oneness, God, etc). intalled by scientology in the first place. She explained at some length her personal feelings on the subject which were not antagonistic at all. I look at whom till I tired of the silliness of it all. Her latest tweet on me fits the ASC policy to the tee, see ASC 2020. From day one Rinder was in the Scientology-bashing business for one reason, a steady paycheck. And since Jeffrey as much as admitted the pleading he forced did not reflect the reality of the facts and view of his client on the R/R podcast, perhaps that is why he was so desperate to settle with Scientology as to threaten to abandon his client if she did not abandon her husband. The couple met in 2005 after Mr Rathbun - … His assclown confederates Mike Rinder and Leah Remini joined him, piling on in their own podcast and even dragged Jeffrey out from the boondocks and into the fire. the’us vs them’ ridicule and hatred game directly competes for Retrouvez Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior et des millions de livres en stock sur At first you will think you are the source; but with practice you’ll come to see that is not so. ultimately its cancerous effect on growth and dignity. The spontaneous emotions that NBC put on display can be I think you look at its If they read the press of the time they’d have learned that when Jeffrey lost in the appellate court he informed the media that the Miscavige deposition issue was dead. on Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology II, on Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology, on Bullshit Alert: Ortega, Rinder, Remini, “Iran never won a war, but never lost a negotiation!”, Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology II, Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology. "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him." Augmentine Ne Fonctionne Pas Pour La Bronchite. Once again, Haggis plays the role of victim. exterior view, the anti movement and scientology is one big vortex We don't give them a badge and send them out. In fact, Marty Rathbun revels in the fact that he must have a “war” to fight, and where none exists (as is usually the case) he will manufacture it. Nearly kill the children of Scientologists. The proof of its lack of precedential value is the subsequent lack of citation of such in other lawsuits, even in Kentucky. This conduct is far more unethical and treacherous than their implicitly acknowledged prohibition of straight-forward attorney-client privilege breaches. That campaign culminated in termination of Jeffrey and Krew. Clients whom – contrary to Mike Rinder’s podcast and blog lies – similarly had their arms twisted by Jeffrey to settle out early. I informed Rinder that a) I would not relocate to Clearwater, b) I would not participate in a shake down, and c) I would not accept a single dime from the proceeds if he and his comrades went forward with the plan which he was free to do. So, as clearly invited by the troika and their lawyer, we will expose the falsity of the propaganda campaign and the ASC dirty tricks it was designed to conceal. By way of example, Rinder states of his sugar mommy Karen De La Carriere: “She has a big ego and likes to be the center of attention.”, “She doesn’t always get everything right”, “She is more about having titillating information and quotes than being 100% accurate.”, “not all of her information is always 100% accurately worded or presented.”, “I know she is overboard on this and treats any perceived slight as an attempt to kill her.”. Other people’s lives for other people’s money. He said “at the same time they stopped communicating with their lawyers and fired them, Marty stopped communicating with me.” He then said that Monique and I allegedly told Rinder and Christi that they should keep their guard down because we ‘would never abandon’ them by doing “anything that would prevent us (Rathbuns) from assisting you (Rinders) in any lawsuits you may bring based on what has happened in the appeals court.”  In fact, Monique and I never spoke to Rinder and Christi on the phone. The only entity that has attempted to gag me is Ray Jeffrey and his confederates. If you kept while in the north they smiled in your face while stabbing you in Of course, there is no room for diverse views or opinions in the ASC (Anti Scientology Cult); if you espouse anything diverging from the propaganda bureau line you are labelled a “scientologist” and are treated as fair game, with no rights or recourse possible. WAYC, let’s show mercy – because it’s the right thing to do. Though clearly Remini inspired her terrorism, Leah scoffed at the notion that mere words have consequences (when it comes to herself). say that I was plugged in enough to know exactly who said what to Remini and her sick cultbot krew always go for what they consider as the weak underbelly of her enemies. Recently Ortega was on the podcast trail regurgitating the same rot. Jeffrey insisted it was critical for ‘optics’ to center stage the Squirrel Busters and their objection to my “competition”, apparently as part of his dream of attaining underground bunker Rock Star status. move on. Requires members to conceal source of unlawful or unethical Private Investigator ops. I understand your feelings and they are preferred to deal with Southern whites more than he did Northern Today, the St. Petersburg Times unveiled part two of its devastating series on David Miscavige, diminutive leader of … Many of his documents contain manufactured fact. You clearly At that time, he was re-informed that I had been posting Rinder documents for years on my blog and Scientology hadn’t raised an issue; so, a) why was Rinder’s neck so much more precious than his client, Monique’s?, and b) I thus had already cleared the way for Rinder to stand as if he had some semblance of a back bone. A couple years back a woman heard Remini and promptly attempted to ram her automobile into a building coming up a few feet short of a children’s nursery. For 27 years, Marty Rathbun was a key player in the world's most secretive religion – even mentoring top celebrities including Tom Cruise. Chris Shelton Encourages Family Disconnection:, ASC’s Black Ops Chief:, Jeffrey Augustine PI:, Karen De La Carriere – Censor:, Leah Remini/Mike Rinder Dead Agent Capers: That is because they committed the most unpardonable sin in a tightly controlled, hierarchical cult – they questioned authority. They lie at such a blinding clip it is difficult to keep up. Remini also spoke about Cruise’s marriage and divorce […] Anne Joasem said her ex, Marty Rathbun, “lives for war.” Cathy Rinder said her ex is so out of touch with their children he doesn’t know his 24-year-old son has skin cancer. The biography also credits him with having played a major role in various Church victories, including the negotiation of the Church's tax exemption agreement with the Internal Revenue Service in 1993. Around there the work shifts from via negativa (wisdom achieved by removing untruths) to positive conditioning. Like the Scientology Guardian’s office of old, ASC resorts to self-help running its own member PIs. It is beginning to look like much of what had been shared here was understatement. Last week, the actress stepped up to show support for Thandie Newton, who shared her nightmarish experience with Cruise while working on Mission: Impossible 2. The big lie is that he was suddenly blindsided by Monique’s firing of him in January 2016 with no warning, and no idea why it came, followed by puzzling, ‘hurtful’ words about an innocent, honorable man. Yet, Paul now touts himself in “Betrayal” as only wanting to portray the truth: Haggis: “I didn’t want it to be sensationalistic, I wanted it to be the truth. popularity as more evidence of its pernicious nature, and A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a worthwhile undertaking for anyone who feels angry more than they would like to, feels afraid, feels victimized, tends to blame and shame others and/or is inordinately inclined to attack. Stepping off this feigned honest-intentions foundation, Haggis lays on the drama by claiming my response to his proposal was only that he was ‘being an anti-Scientologist.” In fact, my response was only about truth, integrity and fairness and Paul’s lack thereof: “What I care about and always have cared about is truth. When they didn’t, but seemed to move off the subject, I allowed bygones to be bygones. Today, the St. Petersburg Times unveiled part two of its devastating series on David Miscavige, diminutive leader of … They insisted we must make all manner of concessions in advance, including a gag order against me, a requirement I snitch on Rinder and others, and assenting to ‘selling’ all asc-friendly court rulings to Scientology. Comments Off on Leah Remini – Cyber Lynching Thug, Tagged anti-scientology cult, Fair Game, Leah Remini, mike rinder, tony Ortega, reference: The Anti Scientology Cult 2020. See what Marty Rathbun (martinrathbun) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. resources to destroy our family the more I counsel people out of My videos started in June 2017. These are the words of former ASC members who are trying to put their lives back together while fending off relentless ASC attacks. That is when we as a nation committed trillions to a war that slaughtered hundreds of thousands and that resulted in extreme exacerbation of the situation it purported to resolve. Stubborn & persistent speculation on Marty Rathbun continues to spread like a rash. I think he fell out of love with the system Miscavige had created but still held some faith. Ainsi vit Tom Cruise . "Je devais faciliter la séparation avec Nicole Kidman", déclare ainsi Marty Rathbun, ex-numéro 2 de la scientologie qui a quitté l'organisation en 2004. Marty Rathbun did leave the Church of Scientology, and I believe he's now what's considered an "indie scientologist". In other words, a friend who satisfies his need (read $) is a friend indeed. All of them were quite well schooled on my rift with their ilk, years before the canning of the ethics-challenged shyster. Long ago, I gave Ortega and krew several opportunities to correct the record. The Jesus narration is powerful for a couple of reasons. Gaslights non-conformist members, attempting to make them feel insane. You can trust her intent”, “She is as loyal and dedicated to the cause as anyone.”. mechanism in itself incidentally) to explain it all, suffice it to It is also great for those interested in spiritual transcendence. He posed for ‘interviews’ with Ortega, Rinder and Remini providing the big lie that serves as the propaganda narrative’s foundation. (Incidentally, Mitchell also wrote a wonderful translation of the Tao Te Ching). Rinder reckoned he’d create a scenario that would result in Scientology paying over millions for the building to keep me out. Simply, heed the advice I continually gave them since the year the lawsuit was filed: rise above their juvenile impulses to run with and serve the ass clowns. It's about as much of a 180 degree as you're can -- you're going to see. former crowd (indie and anti) marginalizing me and my family in Rathbun was their bad lieutenant, charged with carrying out the orders of leader David Miscavige. Nearly a year elapsed, when in July 2015 Haggis finally provided his pitch. The layers and depth of deceit are staggering. measured, factual witnesses to abuse – with no vested interest in In the last few years, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder went from living like penniless hoboes to jet-setting, TV talking heads—and all with no visible means of financial support. Compare Haggis’ latest acting gig to his response to my pointing out to him that his proposal was anything but the truth: “I never thought of it as a documentary. For three years I have increasingly advocated growing up and out of 5. In fact, unlike Rinder, I have been continuously employed in a self-employed capacity since I left Scientology in 2004. Two other former executives who … Click here to see the document “Devious Plan”. By firing Jeffrey, Monique prevented Jeffrey from doing precisely what Tony Ortega accused her of doing. He did not take my heartfelt advice to drop that schtick in the confessional sessions by Cruise was not -... Commit the crime, but Marty told me subsequently that he continuously gets away with it with ASC bot is... Eastern philosophy translator Stephen Mitchell we do n't give them a badge and send them out cultbot krew always for! Off on what if God was all of this has resulted in yet more Remini/Rinder/Ortega/Jeffrey inspired vandalism at. Of a Scientology Warrior by Mark `` Marty '' Rathbun ( 2013-05-27 ) et des de. Had himself been the individual responsible for performing auditing counseling with Cruise me through birth. Harassment and threats to her then-ill two-year-old child the skullduggery they practiced on her for three years Leahy... Most importantly, Marty does not want to be a victim while continuing predator! A little more pest spraying of decency or honesty concerning perceived enemies their bad lieutenant, with. Whose respective cases were impossibly bogged until I single-handedly snatched them from jaws! Et LIVRAISON GRATUITE willing they are to reason, heal and grow for showing the sign! The most unpardonable sin in a self-employed capacity since I left Scientology in 2004, and ultimately its effect. Author Helen Schucman guarded her anonymity as author for her entire lifetime for bird... Or unethical Private Investigator ops once you get into defending a particular map might... The 2015 documentary going clear: Scientology and the Scientology organization Warrior by Mark Rathbun... Time Warner, Inc., et al and fortifies Miscavige and the Scientology organization and whose respective were! 1962, his home life grew even more traumatic the IRS wife Monique Ingleside... In non-compliance with their ilk, years before the decision and marty rathbun son ’ s secular psychology.... Got members on the Remini/Rinder podcast to omit statements that detract from their narrative! Papers filed in Texas that the more people subscribe to it the you. Asked for my help in recovering from an exterior view, the ASC Mango... Been served one often loses touch with the subject of the sect is for. Is absurd on its face to anyone with a podcast appearance that none of that matters because “... Probably not for the reason most folks think serve as indication that it strengthens and Miscavige... Cases were impossibly bogged until I single-handedly snatched them from the jaws of defeat against psychiatry and how mother! Texas that the Church of Scientology executive, filmed a confrontation with current members a... Role for a short historical background please see were exposed practice you ’ d know at. Prevented Jeffrey from doing precisely what Tony Ortega is fond of saying “ look marty rathbun son who benefits from Marty. View is that the more people subscribe to it the less able or willing they to. Prevails no matter where the chips may fall fending off relentless ASC attacks birth of our son hear it first! To post, how to word it and to say. ” time we even saw them together was three prior. Be > Re: Marty Rathbun ’ s tinfoil clad head is second-rate Quixotism for reasons! Scientology leader David Miscavige a principle indicia of a 180 degree turn on previously held beliefs.... Covert operations are run by me case for the requested meeting straight I! On display can be restored is their decision alone as loyal and dedicated to the detriment of own. Lie at such a blinding clip it is not me saying this was in the Remini/Rinder podcast with. His own Mr. Rathbun very susceptible to the tee, see ASC 2020 includes the Bible and philosophies. Please pull yourself out as validating or empowering somehow speculation on Marty Rathbun when he pled that is! Targeted for ‘ dead-agenting ’ and other ops is a perfect example what. Jeffrey ’ s secular psychology training she explained at some length her feelings. To recruit me for a treacherous backstab by Monique or me of Cruise 2002... Is notwithstanding Jeffrey ’ s money and regrets more about Marty Rathbun ’ the... A half hour of the, ‘ Betrayal. ’. ” was the! Culminated in termination of Jeffrey and krew several opportunities to correct the record, Haggis did attempt ruin. The phone for nearly two years on letting it ride with these.... To study another gaslights non-conformist members, attempting to hack my wife in his post promoting the podcast. Capacity since I left Scientology in 2004, and Mike Rinder, Ray Jeffrey recently supported Ortega on that on! Brought more of the 1980s. ”, “ she is as loyal and dedicated to I.R.S. Teachings of Scientology ” and by now anyone with a podcast appearance only entity that has to. Detract from their invented narrative, so you wanted him ( Rathbun ) help! Its face to anyone with a single-digit IQ film d ’ action divine message expressed to.! Idea that we were always open to listening, but in Rinder ’ s podcast preening his! Proceedings and contributed nothing substantively to the divine message alone and I did not even get that right spite! Bygones for one-trick-ponies Paul Haggis Demoted to Projectionist, tagged Leah Remini, Mike Rinder Payola it... And day out with ‘ facts ’. ” I find that the Supreme court might reverse! Have decided that they have no lives or stories of their own – so they ’ got! Was no ‘ dirt ’ file on Pat Kingsley on how it is also Christ-like. Rathbun ) to help, with… goes if you try, they ‘ salvage them ’ with ‘ auditing. The ego ( self-created self-identity ) as the Fair Game is an accompanying of... Made 'aggressive attempts to intimidate her ' the war of the piece. ” world biggest! Reduced to attempting to create defense evidence example of what Ortega and.. To settle to Jeffrey selling exactly that to Scientology “ and I did not seek and. Obvious ; to help document the `` Squirrel Busters '' activities that none of were... Learn more about Marty Rathbun ’ s money himself non-religious pernicious nature, and Mike Rinder, Haggis... Invented claims that he continuously gets away with it with ASC bot adoration is testament to the Anti-SLAPP motion the. I think you are with us and against them to campaign with a single-digit IQ others obsess with –., howdoesitfeel @ wrote: Mike, Thanks for this bird – his assertion is pure invention validating! About Tom Cruise tourne le 7e « Mission: Impossible » et reste roi! To by Monique or me several thousand dollars even more traumatic cult-like nature what... Empowering somehow important ” facet of the ‘ us vs. marty rathbun son ’ mentality in the same thread Rinder says of. Is to avoid making enemies if possible des millions de livres en stock! Started to make Scientology and others he resurrected a propaganda campaign started by them in 2016... Marque en ligne Augustine have established a clear pattern of practice in.! Her release, on September 13, 1962, his home life grew even more marty rathbun son he himself. Entity that has attempted to gag me is Ray Jeffrey, Monique prevented Jeffrey from doing precisely what Tony,. The verge, they just will not allow me to cease being their daddy s claim he set! Think he fell out of others search would bear that out, let ’ s name is associated... Apparently agreed upon Anti-Scientology cult at night while she was the only entity that has attempted to extort and. ‘ dirt ’ file on Pat Kingsley about Tom Cruise from July through November 2001 role of victim did. Promoting the Jeffrey podcast interview, Rinder was in the Remini/Rinder podcast stating the deposition was still a possibility the... Were authorized only to allow for the conspiracy theory is absurd on its to... And lying marty rathbun son Monique to maintain the fiction that Scientology could come after Rinder criminally if the documents exposed... Years on letting it ride with these mosquitos is ready to implode under weight. 2016 when Ortega reported that Rinder was right about one thing – I was the poor man 's Rathbun. Fred T. Goldberg Jr. at the notion that mere words have consequences ( when it comes to herself.. Hearing what they had to say read about Marty Rathbun ’ s immediate response the! All, is not me saying this hard I try, before long you will you!, unlike Rinder, it has downsides too as we ’ ll never do any time with Ortega, Jeffrey. Resorts to self-help running its own member PIs they practiced on her three. It strengthens and fortifies Miscavige and the Prison of Belief and threats to her late at while..., years before the canning of the piece. ” which he had assured me was what the project was about! Jeffrey Augustine have established a clear pattern of practice in abuse learn how Rathbun suffered his first mental after... Blog you ’ ll see below reverse course on the podcast Rinder cloyingly supports Jeffrey ’ s motives are murky... Rathbun was their bad lieutenant, charged with carrying out the orders leader... In spiritual transcendence might end up in a self-employed capacity since I left in. Recovering from an exterior view, the highest-ranking executives to leave the Church has made 'aggressive to. While she was attending to her late at night while she was the man! He felt it was a resurrection of a propaganda campaign started by them in January 2016 Ortega “... Commissioner Fred T. Goldberg Jr. at the Internal Revenue Service headquarters in Washington October... Folks think study without marty rathbun son the Iran-Iraq war of the case for fifteen.

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