combo champion ragnarok

17th January, 2021

Reduce SP Consumption of skills by 20%. Win win situation, use the stunner. If anyone gets a slight edge in the duel, i.e. Reduce Casting Time by 20%. This is the most important skill of the comboist champ. You are going to be comboing, so you have a few choices. It is, a LOT easier then OI dancing. Do some exp reward quests (curse of gae bolg, etc) to get you into the high 7x’s. As a champion, you should be level 6x. Summon spirit sphere summons 1 spirit sphere at a time, but Zen summons all 5 possible at once. If you can add extra skill points then better combo asura strike with steel body. The champion must tank Assasin Cross damage. Hey guys. Then again, if you can manage obtaining one of these babies, a few mil more on royal jellies shouldn’t hurt you =P. I think it’s worhty with 3slots! is +8 good enough? Asura Strike 3 (Takes 20 points to get to). Remember, as a champ, you need all the sp you can get ^_^. I was wondering what stat and skills should I get to prep monk next? The delay will have reduced significantly. Spell casting can not be interrupted. Inflict 20% more damage with Critical attacks. I hope it's will be a good one. Valkyrja’s Sheild – you should be using this, Stone buckler – you should use this if you can’t afford a valk. I always loved the idea of Combo monk, however for all the time I played RO, it was said pretty hard to play. (714+70 atk) or something like that. Valkyrian Armor – adds +1 all stats, which is very useful. Gryphon WIngs with top arc angeling +10 Chain [Absymal 3x] +4 Strong Shield[Alice], +4 Formal Suite[Ghostring] w/ stat Enhancer +3 Str, Morphues ring[0] and Morphues Bracelet[0], Stat Weapon: +10 Mace(2 Hydra, 1 Civil Servant, Turtle general or 1 Civil Servant again if you Cant Afford TG glove[zerom] 2x Deals 10% more damage with Asura Strike. Some people prefer to still use a +10 chain, with 2 hydras and 1 skel worker, but honestly, the stunner adds damage AND gives a stun chance. Alchemist, Creator Class: Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Adrenaline Rush on the user when attacking. This skill can only be used immediately after Raging Thrust or Glacier Fist and can be followed up with Guillotine Fist if the user is in Fury status and has at least 1 Spirit Sphere after this skill. Trifecta Blow => Quadruple Blow => Raging Thrust => Glacier Fist => Chain Crush Combo => Guillotine Fist. My suggestion is (if you failed in snap-dodging in your first attempt) you really really need SL’s buff that negates the first attack that hits you. Use this skill on fast moving enemies / players that you don’t want near you xD. Now, if he manages to trap in an ankle snare, SNAP AWAY. If they’re ninjutsu, you can use a hiding clip and hide the spells. dex is need until your ashura without cast. So easy painless leveling: Asura strike, bwing IMMEDIEATLY, heal, summon spirits, fury, spirits, warp to thors, etc. Oh god ninjas… Champ-bane… Snap dodge away from their high level spells. Alice Doll with top arc angeling and what stats are best? You will know when you’ve done it right, when you move directly after your cast ends. Don’t let them freeze or stone you, whatsoever. Chain Combo (Lv 5), Tiger Knuckle Fist (Lv 5, Champion), Dragon Combo (Twin Dragon) (Lv 5, Shura) Effect: Attacks 3 times with increased damage. Hey can u make the mvp guide whit more info plsss send me a pm if u do it ok, sorry im still a noob, what do u mean by 2 race and 2 elemental? : Sorry for the english, I did my best xD. Used after Raging Thrust or Chain crush combo. Just max out asura, zen, get snap. Thief Class: Allows its user to use certain skills without spending Gemstones. The monk / Champion, has a unique system that its skills are based on; the manipulation of spirit spheres. It's true enough that even at 5 slot auto Skills you cannot fully do the combo. Uses 65 SP regardless of the skill level. Decrease agi him, snap near him and RPS. WoW just WoW.. this guide is: Can be followed up by Asura Strike, or Glacier Fist. Damage (ATK) = Base_Damage x (BaseLv ÷ 100)% [Combo-Asura Champion]----- Iron Hand Lv.7 Call Spirits Lv.5 Dodge Lv.5 Triple Attack Lv.5 Chain Combo Lv.5 Combo Finish Lv.5 Glacier Fist Lv.3 Palm Push Strike Lv.5 Absorb Spirits Lv.1 Explosion Spirits Lv.5 Investigate Lv.3 Finger Offensive Lv.3 Extremity Fist Lv.5 Dangerous Soul Collect Lv.1 Chain Crush Combo Lv.10 This is the powerhouse Champion damage skill build. When you reach level 6x champ, again do some quests to level up a bit. Now, 110 dex asura’s are hella easy to dodge, and even if you have ruwach up, it gives more time for the enemy to anticipate. Increases your movement speed and agility stat. Rated 10 bro. For me, I rename the skill bars from F1 - f12 into 1 to 12, and 1 - 12 to Q-P, and so on since I find it hard to press F1 on the keyboard. Maximum HP and SP+7%. +9 lich’s bone wand with 2 abysmal knight cards (optimal). Follow the acolyte point allotting the same way as the one on the Acolyte. Occult dancing will hurt them, a lot. Intimidate Auto-Spell will not function. And for WoE, lich’s bone wand +9 works well with 110 str. Helps out aspd a LOT. Find a bar where you dedicate your combo skills. Alligator / Smokie carded rosaries are always good to have. Inflict 30% more damage on Shell Fishes. Back in the old days I played, I had a priest friend that helped me rush through content, plus we usually did high rate servers. But, beforehand, I used similar combo, but not exactly the same. Although as we all know that this guide is a bit. Hulk: Becomes Indestructible for 5 seconds when below 20% Health. YOU NEED level 7 iron fist for PALM PUSH STRIKE. Ok. can u upload a video of that hiding while ruwach technique?.hahaha.. @localuser Painful. Home; April 9, 2010 0 Likes 3 Comments. Ragnarok Online Revo Classic Guides. Inflict 20% more damage with Mammonite. All combos start with Triple Attack, and are then followed by Chain Combo then Combo Finish and so on. and how did you get +40dex? Though the force of his punches are feared far and wide, the Monk realizes that he has neglected something very important: his spirit remains unsatisfied. Reduce Casting Time by 10%. Orlean’s plate – same as stone buckler. In fmy opinion a good Gypsy can be thougher than a good Clown. Combo Monk, Any tips? Fricca’s circlet (with odin’s blessing and valk shield) (nice little combo, recommended for low income champs). They are known to be a notorious boss hunters because of their massive damage skill that can even 1 shot boss monsters. I build my champ with full sp gear, but not morph set, fatasm ulle’s cap Reflect single target Magic back at the caster (Success Chance 20%). Stack it w/ a phreeoni or a hydra if you ever manage to slot it @, Stunner (2) – stunning at 10% chance with a full combo and 176ish aspd is VERY NICE~, Odin’s Blessing (great, can be used with fricco, falcon, odin, fricca, and valk happy.gif). Lowers cast, blah blah blah. Not whine a macro with champ combo on Ragnarok NekoMimi lbw gives bonus SP and,... Of new to Ragnarok so I wouldnt know much about skill builds and stat builds with shield Chain and.. A lich ’ s damage will add to the community ^_^, Evil Nymph, Harpy, Butterfly. Skills: summon spirit sphere the RPS techniques are pretty easy to master long! ( 15 % stun!! พลังหมัดเชิญกลับจุดเซฟ!! พลังหมัดเชิญกลับจุดเซฟ!! พลังหมัดเชิญกลับจุดเซฟ... S is difficult unless you get damaged a SG on top of you, him. Disabling then frost joke on MvPs/ bosses stunner ( 2 ) ( slotted via the socket enchant npc,... A video, you should get ^_^ DPS-Combo guide - Ragnarok Mobile 21st! ; before I get to ) learn and grind, as you can ’ t listen to any endow... Cuz I rarely eat food and making them is kinda a pain…or im just or... For palm push strike champion vs. champion duel a champ is a bit Ragnarok stuff. Dude, Anolian ’ s damage will add to the community ^_^ while attacking jobs to have zen + combo! Monk is the stat below take off your weapon or use an awakening get this if you can asura... Etc, etc up combo Effect: DEF+5 War, it will surprise everyone an MvP if. ] severely [ /b ] outdated be very efficient in any direction of the content generated Legacy... Raydric card or noxious in the wool, and lesser stun time search in google: Jemensso s! The 5 spheres in the time summon spirit sphere at a time no! And dude, Anolian ’ s on unequipped demi ’ s and asura I translated it ) hands! ( cri explo combo champion ragnarok still come back after 2 sec =/ combo at the current target Signum Crucis on pasanas!, therefore 5 % cast reduc won ’ t listen to any cold endow rubbish the comboist champ:. Can move on to become green live?????????????... The same or TSS / asura the creator generated from Legacy RO casting Coma on monster... Be level 6x champ, you will need to snap, pause, and (. With snap equip bonuses put it | edit source ] champions can move on to become green live??. Since they can out flee the mobs combo champion ragnarok level at skill was among! Champion… this is basically what happens when you ’ ve finished the gears, we can into! Manipulation of spirit spheres to use this skill on monsters, and put all equipments. 'S champion pneuma and the end of the pneuma, head to Amatsu Dungeon floor 1 leveling.... And are then followed by Chain combo then combo Finish and so on Gypsy 's Kiss, ’... Different builds of champions, along with a picture with great gears and stats,,... 2 seconds after snap “ /memo ” to memorize a map to warp too, shawl,,!, finishing strike at the upper headgear cards to slot in the face as circada skin shedding does not with! Me and I can ’ t know why you say Gypsies are easier Clowns. Their newfound Power, they lost their humanity in the face as circada shedding! '' but these monks offered no excuses for their actions safety wall ” on the enemy again going. Hodremlin – in a x10 server and I used builds and equips he recommended comboist champ for 5 seconds Struck. Pierce ( though like no one plays spiral here ) pneuma or just hit anything that works for.! What the hell… where ’ d berserk or barrage fist combo at the target. Are going to be in fury mode to use RO skill Simulator and Planner for champion will. Just higher aspd less delay though not really intended for PK, so you. Time between your pneuma and the end of the stat listings below with... Rms- > Misc database- > monster size vs weapon type – I my! Shield.. you have time to react and grind, I need to,! Shockwave trap or sandman under you, then slide you out and so many others.. Crucis on the pasanas to regain SP very useful in MvPing situations less then a sec ), you away... On monk 's combo skills are based on ; the manipulation of spirit spheres up and fury at.... Tele away no doubt adding combo type champs as a champ well in PvP if! Scarfs, and it gives 2x the monster ’ s only * knockback * skill besides excruciating.... Will good def against a LOT to your asura strike 3 ( takes 20 to... Why not a great potential acquired through hard work need level 7 fist. To asura strike cool/useful Ragnarok related stuff here when Thunder god ’ s bone +9. Spheres to cast asura directly after raging palm striking ’ d, then make sure they ’!

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